Bridge the supply chain information reporting gap between mining communities and consumers

Provenance data

We deploy a range of open-source reporting templates for stakeholders at the origin of mineral supply chains to autonomously demonstrate compliance with international procurement and due diligence standards.

First-party knowledge

We facilitate first-party reporting to disintermediate the informational value chain, allow communities to take back their narratives and minimise third-party audit costs.

Proof of accountability

Through mine discovery, consumer brands can demonstrate better procurement practices, as we revert the industry-wide incentives to disengage and abandon vulnerable communities.

Transparency reward

End-user demand for relevant provenance information becomes an incentive for local communities and companies to operate more transparently.

Brand value

Product manufacturers can demonstrate full supply chain due diligence by accessing mine-level data, and associate their brands with better forms of engagement at mineral extraction level.

Sustainability claim filter

We enable ranking of consumer brands based on their efforts to procure information relevant to their supply chain and financially contribute to the upstream transparency process and positive impact in mining communities.


Harness innovation to generate tangible value for transparent operators in resource-rich countries

Online Communities

Technology adoption has intensified the flow of information available from remote corners of the mineral supply chain. Local whistleblowers now have the potential to contribute directly to their community’s narrative. More diverse sources of local knowledge support a more accurate, objective depiction of local risks, challenges and opportunities.


Supply Chain Due Diligence

Companies that align their strategy to the business and development challenges of communities involved in their supply chain can now mitigate risk and help create value beyond immediate financial returns on investment. The OECD Guidance for Responsible Sourcing of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas provides a framework for information compilation.


In a context where costs associated with responsible procurement expectations are fundamentally passed through to mining companies and communities, the distributed betterchain framework is designed to secure sustainable funding channels to mutualise costs and incentivise transparent reporting.


We promote better forms of supply chain engagement and turn transparent reporting into a tangible value driver



Complex range of mining contexts (ASM mobility, LSM speculation)


Activity still largely rewarded through opacity / asymmetry of information

Smelting / Refining

Procurement hazard, blending and commoditisation


Complex network of globally allocated expertise


Outsourcing and the zero-accountability brand value


Better Data

Local collection innovation, in compliance with international due diligence standards


Encrypted information, permissioned access


End-to-end supply chain due diligence and flow of information

Network Effect

Industry participants are incentivised to share relevant information (end-user demand + stake in the network)

Better Footprint

Competition among brands to maximise discovery of mines and communities in their supply chain


Some of the World’s most vulnerable communities have been deceived by the broken accountability chain and undue discrimination


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Building stakeholder consensus ahead of technology deployment


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